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E Esther Lopez, DDS

Practice Philosophy

Pacific Medical Building Welcome to the private practice of E Esther Lopez DDS at Pacific Dental Associates (PDA).  The mission of PDA is to offer Northern-Californians the expertise of our doctors consisting of general dentists and specialists all working collaboratively in a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.

Leveraging that foundation, Dr. Lopez has led the way in advancing comprehensive oral health care procedures and in developing standard-setting treatment that serves the best interests of our patients.   As a result, patients travel from around the San Francisco Bay Area, the United States and internationally to experience her sound dental care, treatments, and procedures.

As a multi-disciplinary practice, patient-centered care and goodwill are extremely important to us.   We've always heard the dictum that patient comes first and that prevention is better than the cure.   So, we place a high emphasis on prevention, communication, and patient education.   We work with you to help you achieve and maintain optimum dental health, employing dental hygienists whose preventive oral health care services we feel are essential.

Our dental staff is dedicated to provide you with the very best quality in all aspects of dental care within a pleasant relaxed environment.   We care especially for those patients who feel anxious or nervous about visiting the dentist. If you have any worries or fears please tell us about them so that we may help to allay them and make your visit as pleasant as possible.

E Esther Lopez DDS

Esther has been in private private for more than two decades since she joined PDA at the San Francisco's Pacific Professional Building.   She has built a reputation for providing comprehensive high quality dentistry for the entire family in a caring and friendly environment.

Dr. Lopez specializes in complex restorative dentistry, and she is widely recognized for her beautiful, natural cosmetic work, but all patients can count on her for the same level of excellence from pediatric to prosthetic dentistry.

Family members of all ages are always welcome, but her practice philosophy is to gladly refer patients to a hand-picked team of other specialists or expert colleagues whose work she trusts whenever appropriate, such as with infants.

Besides her passion for clinical dentistry, Dr Lopez also takes pride in being well liked by her patients due to her excellent communication and softer bedside manners, and in building close and trusting relationships with our patients.   Esther's passion for restorative dentistry also extends to his passion for teaching at leading local dental schools.

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